Sponsor(s) in this organization do not have the authority to obligate organizers,
members, or anyone affiliated with this group to purchase any product, service(s), or
make any false statement from or about the sponsor(s) before, during, or after the timethat they are sponsors of said organization.

Only the benefits listed here should be expected from organization, and should be
requested by Sponsor(s). Artwork and clips for ad(s) should be submitted by the
sponsor prior to stated deadline in order to be published for designated month.
AREA, HEB, REIN, and other groups organized by this group organizer are open to the
public, real estate investors, and suppliers. All are encouraged to come to the

meetings, and network.

Sponsor(s) in these groups may be terminated at any time, without notice in the event
that the sponsor(s) breaks the law, acts unethically, causes a disturbance of any kind
at a meeting, or exhibits any behavior deemed to be inappropriate by the advisors, or

organizers of this group without refund.

Exclusivity – If a sponsor(s) holds a platinum, or other sponsorships that states in the
benefits that they will be exclusive. Exclusivity means that there will not be another
sponsor in that category with the same exact service, or product to offer. For example,
if a plumber is a platinum sponsor there will not be another plumbing service listed as
a sponsor. Although, should someone offer a different service, even though it may be
similar, it could, and probably would be allowed.


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